Blessing the Bridge

Life – here and beyond – is full of bridges, strong, beautiful ways of moving between life, death and new life; into new relationships with those of this planet and beyond, to the realms of those (usually) unseen beings who guide and protect us. Bridges connect inspiration to actualized writings, music, artwork, philosophies, and science. And bridges connect Heart to Mind to Soul to Spirit. Seen as a blessing, such bridges will keep our feet light, our courage persistent, and our lives an amazing adventure as new and intriguing aspects of ever-evolving existence continue to unfold.

The Animals’ Peace Garden is both a place and a Voice. The physical Garden itself is tucked in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where it has been a place of sanctuary
for countless animals, birds, insects, plants and trees since 1978. The philosophy of the Peace Garden rests in the ethos of Dr. Albert Schweitzer whose Reverence For Life included every being’s will to live, and to thrive. And in the tradition of Native American and Celtic
philosophies, everything deserves honor and respect, from humans to stones, creatures to plants, oceans to wind.

As a global Voice, the Peace Garden supports and promotes all forms of art, music, writing, science, and philosophy that resonate with such a reverence and respect for all beings. The circle of contributors to this Voice grows daily. We invite you to join us.

Rita M. Reynolds

Rita Reynolds