Three levels of support

The Animals’ Peace Garden offers three levels of support for both people and their companions of all species:

The Prayer Circle…is a growing group of dedicated people who understand and consistently work with the power of prayer, the sending forth of supportive thought, visualization, and the spoken word. Non-denominational, our prayer support is based on energy that is not restricted by time or space, so clearly proven by quantum physics as well as philosophies and belief systems that date back thousands of years. When you send a prayer request, it is immediately sent out to the team so that the energy generated is greatly expanded across the globe. Think of it as dropping a pebble into a clear pond and watching the rings of energy moving quietly and steadily outward. If you wish to become part of the Prayer Circle, please send us an email. You can ask for prayer help through this site or through email.

The next level of support is by personal consultation with myself, Rita, by email. I will try and work with you until you feel more comfortable with your situation, whether it regards an animal companion who is ill or has died, or any other concern you may have. Some people ask for consultations regarding their concerns for Earth or for their deep love and respect for all forms of life, but find no one who shares these with them. My goal is to try and bring you to a place of better ease and understanding, and to help you find other professional resources as needed, such as veterinarians or animal communicators.

If you feel personal dialogue by phone would be most helpful, I am glad to work with you, as I know from my own experience that an understanding person to talk to can be especially helpful in times of deepest grief. Again, my goal is always to help you find some measure of inner peace through what I have learned in over four decades of study and working closely with animals and other members of the natural world.

There is no charge for any of these services. If you are able, or wish to send a contribution for the on-going work of the Animals’ Peace Garden, including the care of the many animals here, we would be most grateful, as such contributions help make our work possible.

We do not share or sell any information provided to us by you: our clients, subscribers, or anyone purchasing products from this site. This includes your name, email and mailing address, and phone numbers. All consultations are strictly confidential between our client and staff members and will remain so. If you would like your personal experience or story to be published in either the quarterly journal, lajoie, on this site, our Facebook page or in a future book, we will do so only your prior written permission. Your privacy is important to us!

The Animals Peace Garden believes strongly in supporting those who work so tirelessly toward sustaining our planetary home – from dedicated individuals to nonprofits, actively living the ethic of respect, honor, and reverence for all life. Therefore, we donate 10% of all profits from sales and consultations to such individuals and organizations. The list is periodically updated on our Facebook page. We invite you to recommend your favorite person, group, or organization. We thank you for being part of this vital process.

Please note: Animals' Peace Garden is not a non-profit organization;
donations are not tax-deductible
The loss of a beloved animal is never easy. It's okay to ask for help. Blessing the Bridge offers grief support to help you through. 

For more information, please contact us.