Grief Support

Grief wells up from within us because we have lost something precious - a companion, a beloved friend. Emptiness echoes everywhere. We have no control over the inevitability of death – it’s a given, at some point in time, for everything and everyone…dogs to mountains, the dandelion in the grass to our own mighty sun. With something as huge as the passing of soul from physical body, it is best to look at our choices, realizing that at least here is something we can control: the way we look at things and how we react to them.

Don’t deny your grief. It is a natural process that outwardly expresses the great connection, through love, you shared with another. It’s the heart opening and being vulnerable to the emotional pain, bringing it up into the light so that it can, in time, heal. And then, like a seed working its way up through the dark soil, that grief will begin to move outward, blossoming into greater awareness of life, death, and life beyond death, transform into something wonderful – perhaps inspiration to follow a new path in life, or a new creature or other being who partners with you or a new, expanded understanding that leads you to become a mentor for another person going through the same difficult journey you are experiencing. 

The choices are simple: stuff the grief back down and away out of sight, pretend your life is the same as before, but knowing it is not and stumble on. Or, allow that grief to blend with compassion – for yourself, for others, opening to all the possibilities that now lie before you. 

Give yourself the time to grieve and then, if you can, reach out to others – people, creatures, nature, whatever gives you strength. This you can be sure of: the one who no longer shares physical life with you, still stands beside you, still loves and cares for you. And if you can focus on your friend now being in his or her soul form, that eternal essence of Spirit that walked beside you on this Earth plane; if you can sit quietly and talk to your companion, trusting that he or she is right there with you, eventually you will come to sense balance and peace returning, a feeling that all is in order and that no one is really lost at all, just a vibratory level away.

On the other side of physical life, travel is at the speed of thought. There is no time or space to divide you from the one who is gone from your world. You may always miss and yearn for the physical presence of your companion, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or inappropriate about that. But also know that all you have to do is think about that friend, call quietly to them, and they are there right before you, looking at you, wanting to help. It’s that simple, really.

The loss of a beloved animal is never easy. It's okay to ask for help. Blessing the Bridge offers grief support to help you through.

For more information, please contact us and visit our grief consultation page.
The loss of a beloved animal is never easy. It's okay to ask for help. Blessing the Bridge offers grief support to help you through. 

For more information, please contact us.