I have known Rita Reynolds for more than ten years and it’s hard for me to think of another human who holds a greater reverence and empathy for life in its multitude of forms. She has helped so many people through their grief—easing their pain and opening their souls to life beyond our physical realities—so that they emerge on the other side of sorrow with a new awareness. It’s like awakening and stepping from black and white into techno colour!

My first encounter with Rita was in reading Blessing the Bridge, a book that helped me greatly with the loss of my own beloved dog, Lauren. After reading this beautiful and quietly profound book, I knew I had to meet its author. I did, and our friendship remains to this day, our twin souls bound together by a mutual love of all animals, from the smallest ant to the greatest whale.

I have witnessed how Rita’s gentle guidance acts as a balm to one’s heart and soul—subtly, without fanfare, but its effects are for a lifetime, opening our minds by first opening our hearts. It is as though she has a direct line to the vast consciousness of all life, showing us that our animal companions stay with us always.

- Kay Pfaltz, author: Lauren’s Story; Flash’s Song

I first met Rita Reynolds over ten years ago after losing my beloved basset hound, Alexandra, to cancer. I had read Rita's amazing book, "Blessing the Bridge," and I wrote to her about the devastating experience of losing my best friend in the world, a dog who was more child than pet. Such began my long friendship with this very gifted lady, Rita Reynolds, who truly, I believe, has an annointing from God to help animals pass from this life to the next and to solace broken hearts in the wake of their leaving.

Rita has an incredible wealth of experience in caring for sick, elderly, and dying animals of many species and she brings this experience, with its knowledge and expertise, to every animal and animal lover she tries to help. She not only has a heart for the most tender and vulnerable of God's creatures but has a true gift of spiritual insight and emotional sensitivity in the face of life, death, and the transition to the life that waits beyond death.

I believe that God has a purpose and plan for each and every one of us and Rita has truly fulfilled His purpose for her life by bringing light to darkness, hope to hopelessness, and comfort to the broken-hearted. She has counseled me though the loss of 2 precious dogs, as well as the loss of a mother who was my everything. She has imparted hope, peace, and joy to me in the midst of devastation and I feel anyone who encounters Rita encounters one of God's very special angels on earth.

- Abby W.

It is written, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I call Rita Reynolds’s site my “Peace Page”. One of my life’s greatest gifts is knowing Rita as a very best friend. I visit her on occasion, read all her writings, and follow her work and her life with awe, respect and love. You also will love this web site and find yourself addicted to the writings in her journal which include her own thoughts from this experience we call life. Treat yourself kindly and mark this page in your “favorites”. Here you will find peace, love, and humor and will meet many other souls just like yourself.


- Ron Wilson, Cary, NC